Silver Award


Awards : Silver Award  银奖

Category : Interior  室内设计

Designer : Design Systems Ltd.



Design Systems Ltd.


The client of this boutique hotel project likes to differentiate themselves by “Rarity” instead of “Luxury”. Our design approach to redefine rarity thru “Refinement”, a form of beauty that transcends the surface. The combination of material textures shapes the character of our design. We choose to use common materials such as concrete, galvanized steel, brass, oak and wired glass. The challenge is to enhance the materials' natural beauty and unleash design possibilities. We do so by exploring textures with surface treatment techniques and the use of lighting. Light is the medium that allows materials to express their special qualities: to reveal textures, to shine, to cast shadows. Together with our complete set of custom-designed exposed details, we intend to convey the hotel's attentiveness and refinement. The entire design can be described as a journey of unfolding both physical and psychological senses. Each space is a moment of surprise, an emergence of emotions. We create a sequence of spatial surprises that leads to the guest room, the destination. In the room stands a box, which, when unfolded, become a desk and cabinet of accessories. Spaces and details are revealed layer by layer, each ingraining the hotel's distinctive aura and hidden beauty, to invoke a sense of discovery, making the sojourn an experience of serendipity.









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