Nomination Award

Hotel Akelarre

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Interior  室内设计

Designer : Mecanismo

Hotel Akelarre




Hotel Akelarre is the result of a more than forty years of identity and development. Is the blend between tradition and time with the obsession for investigation and innovation. It’s accurately the symbiosis in the integration of context and innovation that defines the spirit of Hotel Akelarre. In this ambiance, Mecanismo conceived a precise project of design and construction of the hotel. The accurate selection of materials, furniture and the detailed execution distinguishes Hotel Akelarre; the materials as the link between concept, form and function. The use of natural resources and whilst materials; stone, wood and linen respect the inner nature and properties in the process, as well as, contemplating the advances of investigation and new techniques for their manipulation and induction, that characterizes the project and studio itself. The avail of different materials in each volumetric construction and the thereon in the succession of materials that often, interfere and modify a geometry shape and its volume defines the concept and functioning of the project while simultaneously granting an unique and diverse atmosphere, providing Akelarre with an unequivocal personality. Five stone cubicles emerge from the hillside of the mountain towards the sea, harbouring in their interior the rooms. The hotel offers, a total of twenty-two rooms, in two levels, all of them newly built and oriented to the sea and functionally similar regardless of their dimension or category.









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