Nomination Award

AGI in China 2018

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Communication  视觉传达

Designer : 洪卫

AGI在中国2018 AGI in China 2018






AGI ( Alliance Graphique Internationale ) is a well-reputed design association. For its group exhibition in China,designer reappropriates the Buddhist motifs “Cow-devils”(niu gui) and “Snake-spirits”(she shen) to highlight the creativity and uniqueness of AGI’s talents.The first talent who combined those two motifs was Du Mu the poet from the Tang Dynasty when he praised the bizarreness in his peer Li He’s poem. In this poster design, the Chinese characters are transformed into these mystic creatures. The twirly black strokes remind one of a traditional ink painting.

“牛鬼蛇神”源于佛教用语。最早将“牛鬼”和“蛇神”组合使用的是唐朝诗人杜牧,其赞叹李贺诗作:“鲸呿鳌掷,牛鬼蛇神。” “牛鬼蛇神”这一俗语在现代中国被蒙上异样的阴影。AGI在平面设计领域无异于牛鬼蛇神。海报将汉字重构沁于布面,法印捶拓胶着,皱褶状态反思设计探索。诞幻拙趣,演绎黑色幽默。



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