Nomination Award

Ode to the Tree

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Communication  视觉传达

Designer : 赵清

《咏树》  Ode to the Tree





This is a collection of five hundred poems about trees.According to the names of nearly ninety tree species, a unique font was designed.Inspired by the form of the tree, the book extracts the different characteristics of 89 tree species, and runs through the paper in the form of illustrations.In the book, the red dots running through and the hole design are compared to the tree rings, which are interesting to simulate the shapes of ancient wood.The poems in the text are mostly composed in vertical type, which is similar to ancient books and has more charm, while the annotations are arranged in horizontal lines, with different word spacing and line spacing in each line.The whole black of the text and the whole white of the text form a strong contrast. Between black and white, one side is like the foundation of a tree, immersed in the earth, silent and silent, and the other side is like branches and leaves, rising towards the sun and looking up at the sky.




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