Silver Award

One Table, Two Chairs

Awards : Silver Award  银奖

Category : Communication  视觉传达

Designer : 瀚清堂设计有限公司

《一桌二椅》 One Table, Two Chairs






One table and two chairs records a comprehensive art experiment plan, and the whole work is composed of two books, Crested Ibis and Fleeing by Night.One focuses on a representative work, the other panoramically recordsa comprehensive art experiment plan, mining the revival mission of contemporary traditional drama and experimental drama, thus forming the complete one table, two chairs.One table and two chairs is an important coordinate to delimit the stage space in Kunqu opera. The designer specially created a series of graphics throughout the whole book, allowing the two books to grow freely according to the visual logic system of one table and two chairs.Chinese horizontal, English vertical, and the momentum of the majestic, all show Oriental interest.It not only has the professional academic height of drama, but also has the pleasure of reading.


《一桌二椅》记录了一项综合艺术实验计划,整部作品由《朱鹮记》与《夜奔》两本书组成。一本聚焦了一部代表作,一本全景记录了一项综合艺术实验计划,挖掘了当代传统戏剧和实验戏剧的复兴使命,由此构成了完整的《一桌二椅》。 “一桌二椅”在昆曲中是划定舞台空间的重要坐标,设计师特别为其特创了系列图形贯穿全篇,让两本书都按照“一桌二椅”的视感逻辑体系下自由生长。中文横向,英文纵向,气势磅礴,尽显东方意趣。既具有戏剧的专业学术高度,又有赏心悦目的阅读享受。



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