Nomination Award

The 9th National Book Design Art Exhibition Excellent Works Collection 

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Communication  视觉传达

Designer : 赵清

The 9th National Book Design Art Exhibition Excellent Works Collection 









This book records the outstanding award-winning works of the 9th National Book Design Art Exhibition. The envelope, cover, and inner seal of this book all are presented in different textures in white. Only the top of the spine has a black print, black and white contrast, like a typical residential building in Jiang Nan. The segregated dimensions are engraved on the cover with nine exhibition LOGOs, forming an abstract Arabic numeral 9, symbolizing these nine exhibitions; the split graphics are the combination of the letters B and D, which represents BOOK and DESIGN respectively. Different from previous publications, this book first tried the "chronological" style of presentation - collecting information on previous exhibitions, making a "memoir" in the timeline, telling the history of the previous eight exhibitions, and the guide bar is specially set on the outside of the book cover for easy access. The overall design is a combination of practicality and appreciation, which is simple and decent with lingering charm.

本书记录了第九届全国书籍设计艺术展的优秀获奖作品。全书的封套、护封、内封均以不同肌理的白色质感呈现,唯有书脊顶端有一袭印黑,黑白对照,有如江南典型的民居建筑。被割据的维度以九展LOGO镌刻于封面,形成抽象的阿拉伯数字9,象征九展;拆分图形,又是字母B与D的组合,代表BOOK与DESIGN。与往届的出版物有所不同的是,本书第一次尝试了“编年体”式的展现手法——收集了历届展览的信息,以时间轴的方式做了一个“回忆录”,讲述了前八届的展览历程,书封外侧还特别设置了引导栏,便于查阅。整体设计集实用性与观赏性为一体, 简约得体,极富深韵。




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