Nomination Award

Beijing Quanyechang renovation

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Interior  室内设计

Designer : 法国AREP设计集团

Beijing Quanyechang renovation




Architectural feature: Quanyechang is 80 meters long in north-south axis, and there are three courtyards along the axis. In consideration of its constitution, its north-south axis looks more like a roofed street, based on which the internal design of Quanyechang should tend to lead tourists to pass through the building smoothly. Therefore, the design of traffic line will determine the whole internal design of Quanyechang. History guides the future: In retrospect of Quanyechang’s use functions in the past 100 years, some commercial activities are taken as a reference in the design. It can be seen that new functions should be improved on original basis, including market, culture and entertainment space. We adhere to the philosophy of designing a more reasonable and flexible space to meet new functions’ requirements on architectural internal space in the future. Architectural style in the period of the Republic of China: Architecture constructed in the period of the Republic of China combines Chinese and foreign architectural arts. In the perspective of heritage conservation, we maintain the form of that era during the design process while applying some abstract modern architectural forms in interior design. Building elevation and cross section reflect building’s horizontal constitution and architectural form, thus obtaining building’s internal space functions.






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