Nomination Award

Separation and combination

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Communication  视觉传达

Designer : 瀚清堂设计有限公司

Separation and combination      《离合》






This is a collection about the architect Da She from Jiangnan and book designer Zhao Qing, which discusses the relationship between architecture and books, and presents architecture in the form of books, forming a "paper space" beyond the imagination of the audience.A complete aesthetic impression is formed with the complementary of "separation" and "combination". In the form of paper and fold formation within 360 °, from the cover and inside pages of the book are all engraved with knife of three-dimensional way, with elegant, paper, text, with page paper issued or ringing, or in a low voice, etc.. All of these make a person come into the space of the book, and fully infiltratesfrom the visual sense, tactile sense, smell, and auditory sense, showing the characteristics of the "separation" and "combination". Infinite space of architecture is built in the book.

这是一本关于来自江南的建筑师大舍与书籍设计师赵清的合集,探讨了建筑与书籍之间的关系,并以书籍形式来展现建筑,形成令观者超越想象的“纸空间”,以“离”与”合“的相辅相成,形成一个完整美学印象。全书将空间以纸张的翻转与折叠形成的360°之内,从封面至内页的均采用刀版雕刻的立体方式,配合书香、纸质、文字,还有翻页时纸张发出或清脆、或低沉的声音等等,让人置身于书的空间,从视觉、触觉、嗅觉、听觉上被全面浸润,展现“离”与“合”的 特征,在书中架构出建筑的无限空间。



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