Nomination Award

Myth of Vision

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Communication  视觉传达

Designer : 杨叶 YangYe

Myth of Vision  谜·思


杨叶 YangYe




Moiré pattern is a physical phenomenon with charming appearance, but its transitory existence makes it hard be notice. Indicating its gorgeous nature, the vague essence and character of Moiré pattern makes it hard to notice. Guided by research mechanism of physics, I tried to discover principles and regulations behind Moiré pattern’s visual representation through aesthetics angles. Cases and bags designed with Moiré pattern, their surface veins will alter with audience’s angle of view, usage mode and gestures dynamically. This alternation depends on the interaction between the bag and its users. The aesthetic meaning of Moiré bag is given by the interaction of man and bag. Furthermore, different combination of inner and outer bags will create different dynamic patterns to establish personalities of the owners. The application of Moiré pattern make bag and its surface vein not longer a ‘dead stuff’ but a carrier of consistently producing aesthetic value.


莫尔纹是一种物理学现象,它有着迷人的外表,偶发而易逝,让我们时常忽略或又惊艳它的存在。在硕士三年的时光里,我借助物理学研究机制,从美学角度出发探索莫尔纹多变的视觉表征背后的科学原理与形式规律。由此引发设计了莫尔纹包袋系列。 利用莫尔纹设计的箱包,包面纹理会伴随受众的观看视角、使用方式、肢体动作的改变而产生动态变化,这种变化是建立在使用者和包体之间的一种交互行为。莫尔包的美学意义是人与包互动的过程中所赋予的,不同内外包的组合,就能创造出不同的动态纹样,展现出不同的个性。包及其表面的纹样不再是一件“死物”,而是持续生产美学价值的意义载体。



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