Nomination Award

Man and the city

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Fashion  时尚设计

Designer : 高丽芳

Man and the city  《人与城》






The source of inspiration is from Mr. Qian Zhongshu's "Besieged City". The book contains a sentence: "Marriage is a siege. People in the city want to escape, and people outside the city want to rush in. "The author believes that life is a big siege. We go out in this siege and go out. We go out and start again and again. People can never escape the endless pressure and bondage. They must always live in the invisible four walls. No one can escape this fate, but it is whether you live under this wall or not. Because people reject each other and do not communicate with each other or even torture each other, they constitute a life dilemma of "siege". Looking around the world, no one is not in the siege, these are all different sizes and different styles of siege. Therefore, the entire siege was divided into six separate spaces when it was designed, and these six spaces are all small sieges. They are related to each other. Each independent space symbolizes a living environment. Human beings make various efforts to survive and develop in the siege. It is only to rush into or escape from one siege after another. People are constantly pursuing and obtaining, bringing greed and boredom, prompting people to hope and despair, joy and sadness, persistence, and wandering. All kinds of contradictions and emotions come and go.

灵感来源就是出自钱钟书先生的《围城》,书中的一句话:“婚姻是一座围城,围在城里的人想逃出来,城外的人想冲进去。”笔者认为生活本就是一座大围城,我们就在这个围城里进而出,出而进,周而复始,人永远逃不出无尽的压力和束缚,永远要在无形的四堵墙过完一生。每个人都逃不出这样的命运,只是在于你在这围墙下是否活得精神。 因为人们彼此间排斥和不沟通甚至相互折磨,就构成了一个个“围城”的人生困境。放眼整个世界,无人不在围城当中,这一切都是一座座大小不同、情态各异的围城。 所以设计时把整个围城分成了六个独立的空间,而这六个空间又都是小小的围城,它们相互关联,每一个独立的空间象征为一种生活环境,人类为了在围城中生存和发展做出种种努力,也都只是为了从一座又一座的围城中冲进或逃出,人们在不断的追求和得到,带来了贪婪和厌倦,促使人既希望又绝望,欢乐与悲伤,执着和徘徊等各种矛盾和情感进进出出。





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