Nomination Award

Renovation of Yantian Dameisha Village

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Architecture  建筑设计

Designer : NODE

Renovation of Yantian Dameisha Village - Exhibition hall on vegetable field, House 10 by the banyan tree and Public Street




2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture (Shenzhen) takes “Cities, Grow in Difference” as the theme of the exhibition.Doreen Heng LIU, Principal Architect of NODE, was invited by Yantian District government to act as Architect and architectural curator of Yantian venue. She decided to follow the urban renovation and renewal approach as shown in 2015 UABB, i.e. to take Dameisha Village as an example and follow a continuous methodology of literature review, field research, practice intervention and interdisciplinary integration, so as to explore a new idea or possibility for community renovation and city-village coexistence in Yantian District. Following site visits and communication with local villagers, we gradually developed a clear narrative strategy for the reproduction of spaces, i.e. to select 10 individual residential buildings for renovation, connect these buildings via the existing 500m village street to the banyan square, central square and vegetable field. Besides, to meet the needs of the exhibition, we also decided to establish a temporary exhibition hall on the vegetable field to provide a generous centralized space for exhibition. Thus the exhibition and renovation theme of kitchen is integrated into the“1+10+500”spatial context, extending in parallel with village building renovation and daily village life in both time and space. Instead of mere spatial renovation, we are more focused on improving the quality of life in Dameisha Village.






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