Nomination Award


Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Fashion  时尚设计

Designer : SIU YU







The designer happened to learn about traditional knotting of the West and the East and was deeply inspired by this form of art. Since then, knotting has been a core element in her creation in the past 7 years. As simple as it can be, knots may seem easy to be constructed with a pair of hands and a piece of rope, but to Zoe, potentials behind knotting are unlimited. Enthused to revitalise traditional knotting, she reproduced the idea of knots by using metals, ceramics and 3D printing in her collections ‘Flowing Knots’, ‘Knot Anatomy’ and ‘Rope Unrope’. ‘One year, one challenge’ is her self-commitment. This year, she decided to launch her first knotted leather bag collection to explore the more possibility of knotting design. Themed around survival knots, this collection reinterprets traditional knotting craft with a contemporary design, highlighting its vivid and modern side. In pursuit of timelessness, the designer values quality over quantity. All the knots are fastened onto the bags by human hands. Fashionable and chic, the leather bag design can be carried either on shoulder or in hands by adjusting the knot on the strap, which connects to the eye-catching survival knot on the leather bag. The other design, a patchwork handbag, skillfully utilizes the knot at the strap end as a closure of the bag.





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