Nomination Award


Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Fashion  时尚设计

Designer : 赵品慧







The blue-violet petals are the eyes of the desert. That oasis is the heart of the desert. The shadows are slanting, and the fragrance is surging. She is just looking for the lost direction. The brand adheres to the principle that you must be different, in order to be irreplaceable, to express calm, noble, elegant and beautiful across time, age and place constraints. Dealing with the gentleness of women and the skillful boundaries of the workplace is just right. The wearer is provided with simple and indecent details, introverted and unobtrusive design; it not only meets the basic needs of their high quality life, but also balances their career and family leverage.

蓝紫的花瓣,是沙漠的眼。那一片绿洲,是沙漠的心。疏影横斜,暗香涌动,她只是寻找迷失的方向。本品牌秉承着你必须与众不同,才能无法替代的宗旨,跨越时间、年龄和场所限制的去表达从容、高贵、典雅、优美。 PINHUI品牌名称以设计师赵品慧名字命名。把女性温婉和职场干练的零界点处理得恰到好处。为穿着者提供简约不乏细节,内敛不张扬的设计;既满足了她们高品质生活里的基本需求,还平衡了其事业与家庭的杠杆。





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