Nomination Award

Mohammad Kebab Branch in Foodcourt

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Interior  室内设计

Designer : Logical process in architectural design

Mohammad Kebab Branch in Foodcourt


Logical process in architectural design


The main resturant of Mohammad kebab is locating in “Dorche” district near Isfahan city. Since It is the purity, originality and archaism which booms this type of old suburb restaurant, designing this branch in the food court of “City center” as a modern shopping mall, in fact was a new definition of this brand while keeping its original spirit of a suburb kebab restaurant. Creating a space having presence sense and fixation without physical attendance became the base of designing ordering section In connection with the public court area and it became possible through scoping the mass volume emphasizing on the void. The project includes two parts of kitchen and ordering section .considering the limitations penetration of some parts of kitchen in ordering section and visual use of that was one of the solutions of Maintaining the originality and identity of MOHAMMAD KEBAB. The result was a diverse combination of spherical arcs which is cut by a white skin so doesn’t end and enclasps a bigger space. This way the crowded public space penetrates into the narrow section of MOHAMMAD KEBAB. Considering the local Facilities, Constructing the spherical sections was done by the combination of accurate detailed maps and skillful workers. The corporate identity of the whole branches was completed based on the new space and an animation plays by a video projector on the white skin as a dynamic shop sign.




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