Nomination Award

From the Stars

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Fashion  时尚设计

Designer : 深圳市星蔻时尚科技有限公司

From the Stars  来自星辰







"From the Stars" collection of STARCODE combines the diverse fields of creative design and cutting edge technology, breaking through the traditional boundaries of design to show greater expression and storytelling. It is the combination of human expression and STEAM education that has the potential to re-invent fashion. Wedding dresses are valuable cultural and emotional artifacts that are passed from generation to generation; the use of fashion technology allows designers to utilize abadoned or idle dresses to re-invent these traditional garments into something modern and contemporary while maintaining the connection to their past. This makes garments more versatile and flexible, also has the benefit of prolonging the lifespan of dresses that otherwise would only get used once, thus allows for greater reusability, more environmentally sustainable use of high-value clothing, which means greater environmentally responsibility. The collection combines masculine and feminine, design and technology, hardware and software to create a future of augmented human expression and memorable moments. Drawing from visionaries like the worlds of Stan Lee (the father of Marvel comics) , we are able to create visions that would only otherwise be able to exist in the imagniation of artists. Using fashion and clothing as a carrier, this creates a learning platform by combining art and design with science and technology to promote a high quality STEAM education environment.

STARCODE“来自星辰”系列作品,融合了两个迥异的元素:科技和婚纱礼服,突破设计固有边界,以科技来创造人自身不可表现的形态与动感,在环境保护、人文表达和STEAM教育等层面上实现独特价值。 1、环境保护方面: 婚纱礼服虽然世代延续,但重复使用率低,利用科技元素,再设计废置闲置服装,注入科技炫酷和时尚审美,将带来更高的服装使用率、延长服装寿命,是环保和时尚共存的服装可持续发展策略。 2、人文表达方面: 在科技先行的当今世界,追逐高科技的年青一代,在审美观上打上了深深的科技烙印。本系列将LED编程技术与机械传动装置植入服装,将科技的刚与时尚的柔,技术的理性与艺术的感性,完美结合,演绎出极致的浪漫甜蜜与炫酷梦幻,致敬创造了各种虚拟世界的漫威斯坦•李和金庸先生。营造出蓝绿极光、绽放花火、蜿蜒河流、落落繁星和可开合的斑斓天使翅膀,带来强烈的视觉冲击和震撼的婚纱礼服场景革新。 3、STEAM教育方面: 本系列作为可模块化的时尚技术,可调节硬件和软件的难易度,适合各年龄段的学习对象,以服装为载体,实现时尚科技的教育功能,促进优质教育。进一步开拓时尚科技疆界,极大增加与未来世代链接的可能性。



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