Nomination Award

Lostvilla Boutique Hotel in Yucun

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Architecture  建筑设计

Designer : 直造建筑事务所

Lostvilla Boutique Hotel in Yucun




The project is located at the southwest corner of a state-owned silkworm farm in Moganshan. In addition to the basic functions, the building provides some public-use space to stimulate the vitality of the town, hoping to drive more contemporary life and promote a more sustainable development into the town. The historical legacies of lands ownership in neighborhood shape the irregular boundary of the site. This is the typical landscape condition of contemporary Chinese rural area, both heterogeneous and dynamic. A complex boundary condition was taken into consideration actively to reconcile the various limitations in the surrounding area. The state of natural fixing was therefore formed with the village, such as the vegetable field that belongs to neighbor was retained as a rural scene beside the entrance of the public cafe. The structural system of the design is a hybrid of mixed masonry structure and wood-and-steel-trusses, which can strike a balance between budget and aesthetic. The original rammed earth wall that was collapsing, was restored by combining local materials and contemporary craftsmanship, while the small green tiled roof also responded to the local landscape needs. The steel/wood window and door systems, extra-large automatic window as well as customized light fixtures and furniture are all the product of the collaboration effort between us, prefabrication suppliers and local craftsmen to explore the interaction between architecture and industrial products.







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