Nomination Award

Jade said

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Fashion  时尚设计

Designer : 深圳东方逸尚服饰有限公司

Jade said  璞玉说






Jade said the main inspiration from Chinese ancient jade culture with a long history, simple natural cycles, works using silk georgette, silk linen wrinkled bark shun rain, silk wool jacquard satin, flowers, the material such as pure silk crepe DE chine, is the concept of environmental protection materials, fabric craft to read using hot melt silk lining, manual nail bead embroidery, and plant needles velvet, silk, silk crafts, fabric color with pure plant extraction gradient shading, morning tea and Fried many different of technics, such as colour tea dye and pigment hand-painted color materials are from pure natural plant extract. In the selection of yan CAI, the natural colors such as rice ginger yellow, donghuang jade and stone zongrong yellow are selected, showing that ancient jade originates from the rich, natural and rustic quality of the land, and all things in the world are attributed to the soil, but the process of growth and rebirth from the soil. Just like a ring of growth rings, it keeps going round and round, combining with free and easy and elegant silhouette design, showing contemporary designers' understanding of nature and circulation.

璞玉说的主要灵感来源于中国历史悠久的古玉文化,淳朴自然周而复始生生不息,作品采用真丝顺雨乔其 、丝麻树皮皱、丝毛提花缎、花罗、真丝双绉等材质,都采用的是环保理念的材料,面料工艺念运用热熔烫丝衬、手工钉珠绣、及植物提丝针绒、拨丝等手工艺,面料上色采用纯植物萃取渐变晕染、以及晨茶炒色茶染、颜料手绘等多种工艺,颜色材料均取自纯天然植物提取。在颜彩选取上选择了米姜黄色、东皇玉色以及岩粽绒黄色等自然色彩,表现出古玉来源于土地的浑厚、自然与质朴的品质,以及世间万物皆归于泥土,却又从泥土中生长幻化重生的过程。就像年轮一样一圈一圈周而复始生生不息,结合洒脱自由、灵动飘逸的廓形设计,表现出当代设计师对于自然,循环的理解。




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