Nomination Award


Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Fashion  时尚设计

Designer : 德玺见萩

JANCHO 2018 S/S  《心照山水》· 德玺见萩 · 壹八春夏







As a contemporary fashion brand, JANCHO advocates a unique style of spiritual temperament which represents self-discipline, self-confidence and natural freedom. For this purpose, the brand maintained certain dialogues with artistic pioneers and life-Opinion leader of new generation. By crossover design process along with movies, music, photography and different kinds of artwork, JANCHO has been playing a positive role of representing artistic aesthetics to people’s daily fashion life. JANCHO also has been a promoter of Gambiered Guangdong Silk (TEA-SILK) of nowadays. This precious craft shell fabric with a history of thousands of years was on the verge of extinction in the last century. Today, new designers like JANCHO, by holding the faith of “Design Brings Renaissance of Craft Art”, remain focused on building the bridge between craft art and fashion culture.

「德玺见萩」提倡一种自律、自信、自在的精神气质与时尚表达。品牌的设计由古老的面料工艺为创作起点,在过程中,与当代艺术先锋、生活意见领袖积极对话,并同优质的电影、音乐、绘画等艺术品跨界衍生,以时尚与设计的视角观察生活品质,推动艺术走进日常,服务当代人的精神家园。 「德玺见萩」也是中国传统民间手工艺、国家级非物质文化遗产香云纱(莨绸)制作技艺在当代的重要推动者。这一具有上千年历史的珍贵民间技艺,曾在上世纪濒临绝迹。秉持着「设计推动民艺再生」的美好信念,品牌始终致力于在时尚文化与传统工艺间建构桥梁,为当下这个新的立美时代奔走助力。


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