Nomination Award

Dutch Charity Lotteries 

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Architecture  建筑设计

Designer : Benthem Crouwel Architects

Dutch Charity Lotteries 


Benthem Crouwel Architects


Benthem Crouwel Architects transformed an empty, neglected office building in Amsterdam South into a high quality, inspiring and energy positive office where all employees of the Dutch Charity Lotteries can work together. The building received the BREEAM rating ‘Outstanding’, making it the most sustainable renovated property in the Netherlands. The social ambitions and idealism of the Charity Lotteries are now visible in their transparent and accessible office building. Designed in close collaboration with the client and future users, the building houses workspaces, an auditorium, tv-studio, and public restaurant. A spectacular roof made from cut out, folded aluminum panels spans the existing volume, turning the old courtyard into a sunny Mediterranean square that functions as the vibrant heart of the building. The layer between the top floor of the existing building and the new roof becomes a Green Zone with a variety of plants and trees on roof gardens and balconies.






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