Bronze Award

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch MY Series

Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : Zhang Jianmin

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch MY Serie  玺佳机械表·MY系列


Zhang Jianmin





CIGA Design Mechanical Wristwatch MY Series 1.Breaking the design tradition, the watch initiates a dial made of the extending upper splint of mechanical movement, to convey the essence of mechanical watch intuitively in the flow of time over the rotation of precision mechanics. 2.The unique skeleton structure presents distinct visual aesthetics and visual character.



玺佳机械表·MY系列 1. 这款手表创造性地将机械机芯的上夹板延展,形成一个表盘,打破了传统手表的设计惯性,直观地表达了机械手表的精髓,通过精密机械的转动体现时间的转动。 2. 其独特的镂空方式与结构,营造出独具一格的视觉美学与视觉个性。



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