Silver Award

Chu's Orang

Awards : Silver Award  银奖

Category : Communication  视觉传达

Designer : 潘虎

Chu's Orang   褚橙






Mr. Chu Shijian is a most inspiring legend in China. In the 70s, under his leadership, a small pig from in the countryside developed into the largest enterprise, Hongta Group, with a profit and tax over 30 billion. Before retirement, he was convicted and imprisoned. When he was released from prison at the age of 74, he contracted deserted mountains and started up business again. After more than 10 years of hard work, he became “King of Orange” at 88, fulfilling an annual sales volume of several hundred million. As for packaging design for this brand, we found no better persuasive expression than Mr. Chu himself. Under a fiery sky, a dark and open-minded farmer, wears an old shirt and a broken straw hat, while guarding his 17,222,256 ft2 Orange grove. The profound woodcut design has fully represented the glorious history of the commercial legend. Contrasting from a country to a family, badge is the symbol of ultimate accolade heritage. The icon of Orange Chu is created based on the shape of a badge with a series of numbers “51-62-66-71-74-84-”hidden on the edge, which indicates the most important time period in Mr. Chu’s entire life. The creative unpacking structure, the packaging of featured products of Orange Chu,offers an automatic elevation to the oranges with a simple pulling, providing easy access to the oranges, additional terminal display function and implication for the ups and downs of this legendary man.



褚时健老先生是中国在世最励志的传奇人物。70年代,在他的带领下一个中国小乡村养猪场发展成为中国利税贡献超过300亿的最大的企业——红塔集团。退休前因罪名入狱。出狱后74岁高龄承包荒山再度创业,十多年艰辛,携88岁高龄重新成为年销售数亿的“中国橙王”。 对于这个品牌包装设计来说,我们想不出比褚老自身更有说服力的表达,在烈焰日光下,一个头戴破草帽、穿着圆领旧衫、面色黝黑但健康开朗的农民守着哀牢山,守着他的2400亩橙园。在表现形式上,我们采用有份量感的木刻版画的表现方式再现了传奇商业领袖的辉煌。徽章,是大至国家,小至一个家族的传承,是最高荣誉的象征。因此,我们结合徽章的形式创作了褚橙的识别图形,徽章边缘隐藏的“51-62-66-71-74-84-”的数字是褚老一生经历的重要时间段。创新开启结构,是褚橙精选产品的包装形式。轻轻向外抽拉,橙子就会自动升起。极大的便利了橙子的取出,增加了终端的展示功能,也暗示着这位老人一生的起起落落。



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