Nomination Award

Rural Library

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Architecture  建筑设计

Designer : 上海以靠建筑设计事务所

Rural Library




At the beginning of design, we conceive that Rural Library should be a building always there in a peaceful and natural harmony without any noise or incompatibility, as if it exactly rose out of fields. Along with buckwheat growing in horizontal rows in the fields, it is laid out in a line vertical to the footpaths in the fields. The road runs across the library, dividing it into two parts, with reading room on one side and coffee bar on the other. The dark shingle and wooden wall outside library conceal all structural logic and architectural process but embody a vague sense of functional logic. Meanwhile, the suspended ceiling indoor made of red cedar is shining and warm, shaping a vivid contrast between the light indoors and the dark outdoors. We select to use large French windows in an effort to enhance visual permeability of architectural space of the building itself. When you stay inside, you will be certainly inspired to have a visual and emotional interaction with the environment outside, enjoying a sense of extension in spatial experience. In response, the indoor space of library as a whole is free from any partition. We expect our design will help facilitate improvement of a sense of balance and nature. Made of 2.4m long wooden square stock with a cross section of 150mm*120mm, all beams and pillars of library are clearly structured and fastened by steel sheet and inhaul cable. So the workers can well know what they do next when they finish their job on one joint.









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