Bronze Award

Ever Spring nursing home

Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Interior  室内设计

Designer : 方夏建筑设计(北京)有限公司

Ever Spring nursing home




By redesigning a vacant high-rise office building as a nursing home in Chongqing, a major city in China, age-friendly and dementia-friendly needs have been satisfied. A friendly neighbourhood has been created in a vertical community which is free of an institutional look. The application of fire-proofed wood style film satisfies the need for a cozy atmosphere and is one of the ways of avoiding a clinical feel. Various social spaces have been created, such as an area where the elderly can grow flowers and engage in conversation with others. The design for the center in the high rise stays away from an institutional feel. The original corridor of the office has been widened, and has been lit with simulated natural light to ensure the communal area is bright as well as spacious. A restaurant has been included in the design and it is not only for the inhabitants, but also for the nearby working population and the elderly residents’ numerous visitors who call in to see their parents or grandparents. The shared passageway is open during the daytime but is closed and secured at night. During the daytime non-residents can use the passageway where the artwork of the elderly residents will be exhibited. However, for security reasons the passageway will be closed at night. If we compare assisted-living in the city center with that in suburban areas, it is clear that inhabitants of the city have much easier access to hospitals, shopping malls and other facilities.






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