Bronze Award

Shenzhen Meilin Public Self-service Visa Center 

Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Interior  室内设计

Designer : 靳刘高设计

Shenzhen Meilin Public Self-service Visa Center 




To change people’s impression on administration hall, the design follows the concept of convenience, technology, efficiency and relaxation. The regular spacial layout divides the functional area and the circulation clearly. Unlike the cold feeling displayed by other government departments, the design presents a precise and warm atmosphere using wooden walls on a large area in a geometric way to create a dynamic space. With the help of the lighting, the entire space gives a contemporary aesthetic pleasure. The construction material follows a practical principle to show the preciseness rather than redundancy. Right into the hall entrance, there presents an image wall. The faux-stone wall corresponds to the black metal with a grey tone, elegant and concise. The left side of the entrance is the rest area. The chairs are placed in a interlacing pattern irregularly showing an artistic sense. The right side of the entrance is the area for self-service online application. It separates the old messy appointment section to simplify the entire space. The self-service section, the organized machine, the walls with geometric forms not only reveals the dynamic rhythm of the space, but also improves the service experience for people. The wall of the hall is consistent with the ceiling in every way in terms of the shapes and materials. Together with the strong sense of design and the geometric wall patterns fully show the visual flow, corresponding to the stacking effect of space.








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