Silver Award

The Memory About My Grandma

Awards : Silver Award  银奖

Category : Fashion  时尚设计

Designer : 吴文基,杨岳

Grandma!  阿嫲!






When I worked in Guangzhou International Textile City, a large number of discarded color fabrics card reminded me of my childhood .In the past years, we had a life of sewing and mending in years. From the beginning, when clothes were broken, we used the same color fabric to mend clothes. Later, we used the different color fabric to decorate clothes. However, it remained a spirit of hard struggle,diligence and thrift. I use patched and stitches to piece color cards togther to symbolize barren land; I magnify the spirit of hard struggle, diligence and thrift, and use fabirc card fabrics to make three-dimensional flowers with handmade stitches. Flowers grow on barren land, which symbolizes survival in extinction and good moral quality, and will usher in a better life.


在广州国际轻纺城工作的时候,大量废弃的色卡面料让我联想起幼时阿嫲的补丁。在以前的年代,过的是缝缝补补又三年的生活,从一开始衣服破了,就用同色布补起来,到后来的用别色布,带有图案的布来修补、装饰服装 ,但不变的是一种艰苦奋斗,勤劳节俭的精神。 我用补丁的线迹将废弃色卡拼接起来,象征贫瘠的土地;我将艰苦奋斗,勤劳节俭的精神放大,用色卡面料做成有手工线迹的立体花,绚烂的花朵生长在贫瘠的土地上,象征着绝处逢生,寓意着保持良好的道德品质,将会迎来美好生活


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