Silver Award

So Uk Project 

Awards : Silver Award  银奖

Category : Interior  室内设计

Designer : Philip Fung

So Uk Project 


Philip Fung


So Uk project is a scheme initiated by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention Hong Kong. The scheme is to provide affordable accommodations for ex-offenders in HK, to help them readapt to the society and provide care and support for them. Before the project starts, we did some research works for the low income people housing and living patterns of ex-offenders: 1) Average room size for sub-divided flat is 9.5 m2. The sharing apartment with 8-10 people. 2) Double bed is commonly used at the sharing apartment. Unemployed habitants will be sleeping most of the time as there is no living or dining room for them. 3) Most of the habitants are single or divorced. 4) Limited personal storage space at the bed. 5) Sharing of one washroom by 8-10 people. Long waiting time at mornings or evenings. When we start to design the project, we used: 1) Redesigned double-bed as the basic module for the renovation. We added semi cover panels for the beds plus a T shape wall with two independent reading tables. 2) Four sets of double-bed are arranged into two groups in parallel and opposite to each other. 3) Original kitchen changes to open kitchen, it saves space and provide another gathering space. 4) With the reduced area of kitchen, we added one more washroom in the flat. 5) Personal storage spaces are provided in between the double bed unit. We believe through design, architects can help ex-offenders to live with comfortable level with privacy and respect.










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