Bronze Award

Kaohsiung Shui Shui 

Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Architecture  建筑设计

Designer : 辜達齊

Kaohsiung Shui Shui 




“The body knows and remembers. Architectural meaning derives from archaic responses and reactions remembered by the body and the senses.” - Juhani Pallasmaa We pursue real satisfaction and a civilized society under rational conducts, We crave for spirituality and the purely conscious physical experiences. The installation alongside the Kaohsiung Harbor area consists of two long free-form concrete walls. Occasional fog emerges out of between the canyon walls, as one walks through this twisted twirled path, the exit remains unfound. Lost in alienness, the boundary of the space expands, and the body senses have once again taken charge as the sole means of communication. Outside the canyon, the walls are covered with meadow slope on one side, and terrazzo ramp with illuminating aggregates on the other. As daylight slowly fades away, the installation reveals glimmering in the city. There is no defined functionality, just freeing, just imagining. Perhaps our exploration towards naturality does n’t rely on the living elements, but the trigger of the embedded animalistic and desire. Through the involvement of artificial and technological intervention, The abstract sensuous experience is made possible to reappear in the urban context. Urban/natural, artificial/organic, With the existence of humanity, the two get reconciled.








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