Bronze Award

Mist Encounter

Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Architecture  建筑设计

Designer : 曾令理

Mist Encounter




Mist Encounter - initiating a spatial and art event about microclimate The constantly changing mist gives the unseen air flow and conditioning a comprehensible form, and also allows human bodies to perceive the ambient changes. Mist exhibits itself between the layers of meshes and structures- where one can observe the flow of mist, with the changes of the blurred or cleared boundary, and penetrative or concealed view. Breathing in the moist air while standing within the foggy Mist Cone; gazing the mist flow while sitting on the draped hammock chair; the conversation through the occasional shroud of mist in the courtyard-- are the experiences of visible/concealed, public/private, and natural/artificial. Within the layers of spaces, the expression and experience of mist can be captured differently every moment, which makes Mist Encounter always- in progress.









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