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BeneVision N series patient monitors

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 深圳迈瑞生物医疗电子股份有限公司

BeneVision N series patient monitors  BeneVision N系列高端监护系统






The new generation of BeneVision N series high-end monitoring, including N22/ N19/N17/N15/N12/N1 and other models, the core design concept is: See more with easy, is the world's most advanced monitoring system. User experience enhanced by leading technologies:We continually dedicate ourselves to improving clinical safety and efficiency, which, we believe, can be achieved with excellent operational design. With state-of-the-art screen technology, BeneVisionTM N-Series patient monitors deliver clear, multi-color, wide-format displays for users to capture and review information at a glance. Clinical insight improved by professional applications:Every day, Mindray delivers accurate, real-time, physiological measurement data from millions of patients worldwide. BeneVision N-Series provides the world's best monitoring technologies for you, with new applications being developed. Solutions optimized for each point of care:Mindray provides a flexible solution for monitoring your patient's status anywhere, anytime, even on your way through mobile devices. At every point of care, BeneVision N-Series patient monitors always provide a suitable solution to meet your clinical needs. IT structure designed for seamless connectivity:Based on Layer 3 network structure, Mindray patient monitoring system incorporate extensive network adaptability to integrate with the hospital's current network infrastructure, ensuring that critical data is on hand for clinical decision making.



全新一代BeneVision N系列高端监护,其中包含N22/ N19/N17/N15/N12/N1等多个机型,核心设计理念是:See more with easy,是目前世界上最先进的监护系统。 领先技术增强用户体验:领先的屏幕和散热技术,提供无缝、高清、纯平的多点触摸显示和无风扇散热解决方案,极大提升了临床安全性和监护效率。 专业应用提高临床见识:医生在临床决策时非常依赖精确实时的生理数据。N系列提供了强大的临床辅助应用库(CAA)来支持不同部门关键时刻的有效决策。 场景定制最佳解决方案: N系列支持可以在任何地方、时间以及移动设备上监视患者状态。在不同场景,如ICU、CCU、NICU、OR、PACU、ER等,用户可以为特定患者定制监视器,以满足不同的临床需求;甚至在院前急救、院内外转运等高危场景下,提供专用小巧便携的N1机型为病患保驾护航。 卓越信息传输解决方案: N系列提供了平稳的工作流和安全的数据管理,患者数据可以无缝地在监护仪之间传输。 无缝连接的IT结构: N系列基于第三层网络结构提供了广泛的网络适应性,与医院网络无缝集成,确保关键数据实时不间断的用于临床决策。


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