Bronze Award

Paper Backpack

Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Fashion  时尚设计

Designer : LEXON

Paper Backpack  Paper 背包








Reject your favorite pens, computers and sundries in the same space, and you want to find the items you want most quickly. The multi-pocket bag can meet your needs. Unique material Tyvek from Dupont, both lightweight and waterproof, "light" is a priority for people to choose a backpack now, in addition to the quality of the fabric, we choose as light fabric as possible, we use Tyvek material is designed to allow customers to travel lightly during travel, commuting, and travel. In terms of waterproof properties, it is definitely a representative of high water resistance. At the same time, it is also the more flavorful bag, the surface of the backpack will change with time, and it can be witnessed on the road of growth. When it comes to the appearance, it follows LEXON's customary square design, simple and ergonomic design, giving this bag a practical and stylish appearance.

拒绝心爱的笔、电脑跟杂物堆积同个空间里,想最快速找到自己想要的物品,多功能口袋设计的包袋就能满足您的需求。独特的太维克材质,兼具轻质与防水双重特性,“轻”是时下人们选择背包的一个优先考虑因素,除了保障面料的品质之余,我们尽可能选择轻盈的面料,我们使用的较为轻盈的太维克材质,只为让顾客在差旅、通勤、旅游途中能够轻装出行,过精致生活。在防水特性上,它绝对是高防水的代表。 同时它也是款越用越有味道的包,背包的表面会随着时间而发生一些变化,成长的道路上也能有它一起见证。提到外观,沿袭LEXON惯有的方形设计,简约又符合人体力学的设计,赋予这款包包实用性与时尚外形。

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