Halo City

Awards : SDSA  可持续发展特别奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : Beijing Onemile Technology / AF Design / Xie Chunlei (Shanghai, China)


      Halo City is a personal travel tool aimed at solving "the last mile" problem of daily commute. Its "linktype folding system" allows the scooter to be folded in two seconds so that the user can carry it onto any means of public transportation. Halo City is an effective solution for "the last mile" problem in daily commute, allowing the user to travel effortlessly to and from bus or subway stations. With its small size and compact structure, the scooter can be brought onto any means of public transportation or kept in the car boot. The length of the entire bike measures less than a meter when folded, and the lightweight scooter body weighs only 15.5kg, with a load capacity of 110kg. This provides users with a more portable and comfortable experience.

This portable scooter is equipped with an intelligent app that can be connected to the scooter to show transpor-related information. Users can swith mode, detect and remotely control the scooter, and perform other funtions through the app, while being sure of the app's safety. On the other side, the scooters body comes with intelligent modules, built-in GPS, and GSM chips. Thus users can monitor the vehicle's location in real time from any location by using the smart anti-theft function.

The vehicle's body is made of magnesium alloy, carbon fiber and other high-end composite materials. Its one-piece aluminum alloy frame adopts 3-D forging technology, which eliminates the need for welding links, thus reducing pollution and chances of injury during the welding process. All of these material considerations reduce the weight of the scooter, and ensure its strength. Both aluminum and magnesium alloy are also recyclable, which is favorable for environmental sustainability.

The overall link-type folding system reduces unnecessary structures and is aesthetically clean and simple. The LED daytime running lights are integrated with the car-level light guide technology to achieve a sleek daytime running "ring light" group, presented perfectly as a smooth and uniform "halo" luminous effect. Other unique features include environmentally-friendly lithium battery, BMS smart battery management system, high-speed brushless motor, FOC sine-wave controller, front and rear disc brakes, newly developed bat-shaped bowless saddle and more.

It took over two years of research and development to complete the design of Halo City. With more than 98% of its parts newly researched and developed, the design has obtained 13 national patent certifications. Halo City hopes to create a green life style aligned with the concept of "urban mobile + traffic series".  



Established in 2007, AF Design has the core goal of building the business value of products, and takes innovation as its drivinv force. It runs through the four dimensions of creativity, design, product and merchandise, and provide companies with systematic product innovation services. In the past decade, it has focused on high-end equipment and smart technology, with more than 100 products of specialized equipment designed and put into use bY AF design teams. It has won more than 40 domestic and international awards including "the Red Dot: Luminary" Award, "the Red Dot: Best of the Best" Award, the iF Award, the Golden Pin Design Award and the Red Star Design Award. While providing innovation services to enterprises, AF Design keeps exploring the service upgrading and transformation of industrial design companies. AF Design has initiated or had shares in seven oriduct companies, and will continue to initiate innovation-driven industrialization campanies in its focus area. Up to now, AF Design has evovled from product design service into a systematic product innovation organization integrating brand design, industrial design, automation design, embedded development, supply chain hosting and project incubation. The core direction of AF Design's development is to contribute to intelligent manufacturing in China by focusing on product innovation services in the field of special equipmnt.

Designer: Xie Chunlei

He was the world's sole winner of the "the Red Dot: Luminary" in 2017, the top honor among the German Red Dot Awards. He was also named UNESCO's global creative talent and Shanghai's high-end young leading talent in creativity. He is director of the China Industrial Design Association and executive director of the Shanghai Industrial Design Association. With 15 years of experience in industria; design andproduct management, he has won more than 60 domestic and international awards such as Germany's iF Award, "the Red Dot: Grand Prix" Award, the IDEA Award , the Red Star Design Award, the Succesful Design Award, the Golden Pin Design Award and the Magnolia Award.

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