Silver Award

Fragments of Time

Awards : Silver Award  银奖

Category : Communication  视觉传达

Designer : SenseTeam 感观·山河水

Fragments of Time   时间的碎片


SenseTeam 感观·山河水



SenseTeam and Antalis, the world's leading distributor of art papers and printing papers jointly launched 1,000 sets of "Fragments of Time" 2017 limited edition desk calendars. The 12 sets of fonts in the calendar come from cases of the SenseTeam during the past 17 years, recording fragments of the designers’ daily work. We hope that through this work that our team is extremely proud of, designers can share their understanding of design, time as well as life. In the design of the desk calendar, we pay attention to time itself and pare the design down to the essence to present time as "unadorned". We take fragment as the unit of time and design interactions with users through appearance of disappearing of physical objects, thus reading time is no longer limited to graphic vision. Through paper, color, font, craft, the texture of time is clearly presented. The “Fragments of Time" 2017 Installation Art Touring Exhibition we organized was held at of bookstores in Chongqing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, bringing the design aesthetics of time into the public view. Conforming to the space of the bookstore, we set different themes and presented in visual fragments the three physical states to interpret the beauty of time, space and nature.


SenseTeam感观·山河水联合世界领先的艺术纸、印刷纸张供应商 —— 康戴里纸行,推出1000套《时间的碎片》2017限量珍藏版台历。 台历12套字体来源于SenseTeam感观·山河水这17年工作中的案例,记录着设计工作者的碎片日常。希望通过这件设计团队自身非常满意的作品,分享他们对设计的心得,对时间的认知,对人生的领悟。 台历的设计中,我们关注时间本身,去繁就简,让时间以“素面”示人。以碎片为时间单位,通过消逝的物理呈现方式,与使用者的互动设计,让阅读时间不再囿于平面视觉。透过纸张、色彩、字体、工艺,展示时间肌理。 我们策划《时间的碎片》2017装置艺术巡回展,在重庆、上海、广州书店空间展出,把时间的设计美学带入公众视野。以可视的碎片为时间单位,契合书店空间,设置不同主题,用碎片群呈现三种不同物理状态,来诠释时间、空间和自然的美。


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