Gold Award

Resona 7 premium ultrasound system

Awards : Gold Award  金奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 深圳迈瑞生物医疗电子股份有限公司

Resona 7 premium ultrasound system   Resona 7 高端彩色多普勒超声系统





Powered by the most revolutionary ZONE Sonography® Technology, Resona 7’s new ZST+ platform brings ultrasound image quality to a higher level by zone acquisition and channel data processing. Besides the premium level image quality, Resona 7 also enhances clinical research capabilities with the revolutionary V Flow for vascular hemodynamics evaluation, and the most intelligent plane acquisition from 3D dataset for fetal CNS diagnosis. Combining the most intuitive gesture-based multi-touch operation and all essential clinical features, Resona 7 is truly leading new waves in ultrasound innovation. In addition, this platform has been equipped for the first time with the innovative ultrasound shear wave elastography technology that Mindray has developed independently and successfully for over 10 years. This technology won the second prize of the 2017 China National Technology Invention Award , which is the highest honor in the field of ultrasound in the past 20 years. Around the control panel and display screen of Resona 7, the dynamic and gentle flow in bright blue is highlighted to metaphor the technological innovation of powerful data stream and the people-oriented design pursuit. The visual tension of "professional" and "affinity" products is intuitive and natural. Resona 7 has been recognized with excellent market response and sales data once it is on the market. Up to now, more than 2000 units have been shipped, and the annual compound growth rate has reached 160%.



Resona 7高端彩色多普勒超声系统是迈瑞基于超声业内最前沿的域成像技术所推出的具有创新ZST+ 域光平台的高端超声诊断系统,革命性的将超声图像质量提升到了全新的境界,并带来了更多图像处理技术与创新功能。 该平台还首次搭载了迈瑞耗时十年自主研发成功的超声剪切波弹性成像技术,并获得了2017年国家技术发明奖二等奖,这是超声领域近二十年来的最高荣誉。 从结构布局角度来说,Resona 7拥有优秀的移动性和较为小巧的身材体量; 从易用性角度来说,Resona 7拥有新颖的外观和友好的用户界面。从美学角度来说,Resona 7主机整体的圆润曲面配上点睛的直线条腰线成就了Resona 7“刚柔并济”的设计理念。“专业”和“亲和”这两大产品视觉张力被一览无遗,浑然天成。 另外,Resona 7的控制面板和显示屏周围使用了最前沿流行的亮蓝色彩,用凸显流体流动时的动感和柔美来隐喻强大数据流的科技创新及以人为本的设计追求。整体外观设计充满了话题和吸引眼球的亮点。 这一切都让Resona 7 一经上市,就获得了极好的市场反响和销售数据。至今,累计发货2000余台,年复合增长率达到160%。


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