Silver Award

Fantast Bicycle

Awards : Silver Award  银奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : LEXON

Fantast Bicycle   幻想家自行车





It grows on the vast land of tropical Africa. In the pear tree, which is 20,000 kilometers away from China, After 200 years of polishing, 118 procedures throughout the body, 30 years of ageing, All 5 strength standard tests are qualified. The three-year design has been revised four times. China's only wooden structure urban bicycle, Just to let you know how to ride is also the art of the door. It is neither ancient, It is the nostalgia to restore the beautiful lifestyle of the golden age. It also changed the way bicycles are now just used as a means of transportation. It is the most beautiful bicycle.



它生长在热带非洲的广袤大地上, 在距离中国20000公里外的梨花木, 经过200年时间的打磨, 全身118道工序, 30年匠龄倾情打造, 5项强度标准检测全部合格, 3年设计四次改版, 中国唯一木质结构城市型自行车, 只为让你领略到骑行也是门艺术。 它既不是古老的, 是复原那黄金年代美好生活方式的怀旧, 也改变了如今自行车只是作为代步工具的模式, 它就是最美的自行车。



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