Nomination Award

HanPower Plus

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 汉能移动能源控股集团有限公司

HanPower Plus in  汉纸






HanPower Plus in can travel lightly with you, and can be curled without zero burden, and be more convenient.It is a must-have for standby power for outdoor activities. Adoption of CIGS thin-film solar chips that efficiently convert solar energy into electric power will help to charge your mobile devices and remove your anxiety and worries about power failure. Lightweight, flexible and easy to carry, it is an authentic “black technology” solar product. The solar power paper adopts high-efficiency flexible CIGS thin-film solar chips to convert solar energy into electric power at a high rate. Stay connected even when commercial power is running out by taking the 12W solar power paper with 5,000-mAh high-quality lithium battery energy storage module. The product adopts a 2-in-1 design where power generation module and storage module can be combined with a magnetic interface for stable connection and can be split easily for independent use. Flexible for both separate or integrated modes, the product allows recharging with both solar and commercial electricity while supporting wireless recharge, day and night. A 170g “magic” piece for power storage plus a 2mm "magic" thin module for power generation; Durable under pressure, portable for just one palm, and easy to use for travel. Digital Gray or Carmine, palleted fashion for your savvy choice; Simple design for craftsmanship aesthetics; Elite, distinctive style adds to your self-confidence.


汉纸(HanPower Plus in)轻质便携,格调出行。拥有“高科技+新能源”的双重优势,让每一段旅途,都有备无患、电量满满,随时随地应急续航,绝不错失任何精彩瞬间。采用CIGS薄膜太阳能芯片,高效转化太阳能为电能,为移动设备充电,解决断电焦虑,告别用电烦恼。轻薄柔韧,易于携带,是真正的太阳能黑科技产品。采用高效柔性CIGS薄膜太阳能芯片,以高效转化率,变光能为电能;5000mAh高品质锂电储能模块,12W发电功率,即使在远离市电的环境里,也不会失联。2合1功能,发电模块和储能模块采用分体设计,磁吸式接口连接稳固,拆分便利,储能模块可作为充电宝单独使用;太阳能/市电双料充电,支持无线充电模式,无论分开还是合体,无论白天还是黑夜,皆可灵活使用。170g重量储能“魔”块,2mm厚度发电“魔”块;无惧挤压,只手可握,从容出行。数码灰、胭脂红,时尚多色,炫彩款型;简洁的设计风格,更具工艺美感;商务质感,格调鲜明,为自信加分。


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