Nomination Award

DOBOT Magician

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 深圳市越疆科技有限公司

DOBOT Magician   魔术师




Dobot Magician is the second generation of high precision 4-axis robotic arm for desktops. The unibody design,stepper motor and reducer with high precision developed and produced by Shenzhen Yuejiang Technology Co., Ltd, which can achieve the repeated positioning accuracy and high stability of ±0.2mm. Just change the end effectors, thus achieving functions of suction, picking up, drawing & writing, laser engraving,3D printing and other function. It is also easy to develop with its multiple extension ports and visualized programming environment, making it a very useful tool for both hardware lovers and coding beginners. It is such a cost-effective intelligent robotic arm aiming for creators, students, family and even light industry users.

Dobot Magician 机器人是高精度4轴消费级桌面智能机械臂,采用一体化的工业设计、自主研发的高精度步进电机和减速机,能够实现±0.2mm的重复定位精度和高稳定性。 该机械臂具有吸取、夹取、写字画画、激光雕刻、3D打印等多种功能,其控制软件横跨多种终端,对用户高度友好。该机械臂还具备丰富的扩展接口、集成图形化编程开发环境,以供硬件爱好者和商业用户进行二次开发及部署。 这是一台面向从创客、学生、家庭、甚至轻量工业级用户的高性价比智能机械臂。

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