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NeuAngio 30C Medical Angiography X-ray System

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 沈阳东软医疗系统股份有限公司

NeuAngio 30C Medical Angiography X-ray System  NeuAngio 30C医用血管造影X射线机






An estimated 17.9 million people died from cardiovascular disease (CVDs) every year, representing 31% of all global deaths. In China, about 290 million CVDs patients are occupying 40% of all deaths. The "golden standard" for CVDs diagnosing, digital subtraction angiography (DSA), can live intravascular status through X-ray. In 2017, Neusoft Medical System(NMS) received national support fund to combines first-class engineers, domestic and abroad scientists and former Nobel Prize researchers with the international award-winning design team to launched NeuAngio 30C, the world's first ‘dual-rotation-center ceiling-mounted seven-axis DSA’ by Chinese medical enterprises independently in just over 2 years. The original unique double-rotation-center movement has features of small footprint, large range of motion and low cost of rebuilding operating room, meets variety intervention needs in hospital. It is a great breakthrough of DSA development in China. Compared with the traditional, the self-developed algorithm platform can reduce the radiation dose by 45% to meet children's surgery needs and reduce the radiation emissions. Equipped with ergonomic table-side module, 30C offers more friendly operation, simpler surgery procedure and more efficient workflow. Based on innovation and diligent, NMS completed transformation from joint manufacturing to China creation and committee to create more scientific, human and environmentally friendly medical device to contribute the world’s health



每年全球约有1790万人死于心血管疾病(CVDs),占全球死亡总数31%。中国CVDs现患人数约2.9亿,占疾病死亡总数40%以上。普及CVDs诊疗迫在眉睫。数字减影血管造影技术(DSA)可通过X射线技术实时显现血管内状态,是诊断CVDs的 “金标准”。东软医疗于2017年获国家专项支持,将国内外一流工程师、资深科学家、前诺贝尔奖研究组专家,与屡获国际大奖设计团队结合,三年内推出了NeuAngio 30C。它是全球第一台由国产医疗企业自主研发的“无轨双中心旋转七轴悬吊智能DSA”。 独创的双中心悬吊运动方式,具有占地面积小、运动范围大、手术室改造成本低等特性,满足各医院介入需求,是国产DSA研发的重大突破。 自主研发的算法平台,较传统DSA可降低45%辐射剂量,符合儿童手术需求,改善肿瘤患者生活质量,更减少环境的辐射排放。 符合人体工程学的床旁操作系统,使操作方式更人性,手术流程更简捷,极大提高医生工作流。 在进口厂商垄断国内市场的压力下,30C完成国产医疗企业从合资制造到中国创造的转型,东软医疗以创新为基,勤奋为翼,致力打造出“更科学、更人性、更环保”的医疗设备,为世界健康做出贡献。



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