Bronze Award

Roewe Ei5 Internet Connected Electric Wagon

Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 上汽设计 SAIC Design

Roewe Ei5 Internet Connected Electric Wagon  荣威 Roewe Ei5 纯电动互联网休旅车

上汽设计 SAIC Design





Roewe Ei5: the World's First Electric Wagon Most EVs in Chinese Market are low design quality, low performance products transformed from fuel car platform. In order to achieve sustainable design and enhance user's EV experience, SAIC has designed and built Ei5, a high-quality national internet connected Wagon EV. In internet era, SAIC is striving to explore diversified consumer demand on EVs. Considering windward area of wagon is similar to sedan, designers innovatively chose wagon typology, as same amount of battery can achieve longer mile range than electric SUV, balancing efficiency and space. Ei5 achieved “sustainable design” from product definition level, and unexpectedly became world first production wagon EV. Wagon culture originates from the west, has a low-key and style image, as an embodiment of knowledge and taste. Ei5 is loaded with personal lifestyle in trunk, with a low chassis and comfortable space, realizing balance of quality life and “sustainable design”. Ei5 is also tailored for urban shared travel, being mass provided to world largest share travel service provider EVCARD, reducing urban traffic and number of urban car ownership, achieving “sustainable design” from mode innovation in travel. Ei5 is utilized in Shanghai taxi industry, enhancing city image with quality technology, environmental protection, safe travel, and sustainable design. Ei5 was launched in 2018.3, and ranked 1st in Chinese EV sales in 2018.6. It has long term ranked top ever since.



荣威Ei5:全球首款纯电动旅行车 市面电动车多从燃油车平台改造,大多是应补贴而生的低档产品。为了可持续发展,提升新能源体验,上汽打造一款实用高品质国民纯电动车。 互联网时代上汽对新能源车型开发,力求探索多元化的消费者需求。由于旅行车迎风面积和轿车类似,同样电池可实现和纯电SUV相比更远的续航,进而兼顾里程和空间,从产品定义上创新实现了“可持续的设计”,成为全球首款量产电动瓦罐。旅行车文化起源于欧美,有低调与格调的形象,是知识和品位的体现。旅行车后备箱装载的是个人休闲生活方式,底盘低空间大,兼顾舒适和空间,实现优雅生活品质和“可持续设计”的均衡。 该车既是纯电动私家车市场的全新力作,更是城市共享出行市场的重磅炸弹。本车的设计也考虑了共享出行,提供给全球最大的共享出行服务公司EVCARD,从解决城市交通、降低城市汽车保有量的角度考虑出发,从出行模式上实现了“可持续设计”。Ei5也成为部分上海市出租车,推广“可持续的设计理念”,以品质科技、时尚环保的形象提升国际都市形象。 自2018年3月上市,Ei5销量远超行业增长平均水平。当年6月取得国内新能源当月销量冠军,并长期占据国内新能源榜单前列。


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