Nomination Award

Chandeliers - water flowers

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 工致(广州)文化创意有限公司

Chandeliers - water flowers  吊灯-水中花







Material selection of natural bamboo, strong flexibility, combined with the traditional craft, with cross cross method, double tenth double into the process to try the traditional craft new style.Modelling like lotus extends outward, used on the production, both inside and outside double chimney, chimney in the dense weave and light source to form an organic whole, through the chimney looked at if the shadow if now light, give a person with infinite daydream.Hydrophobic and the contrast, the shadow of light shines out over a "gesture do dance, show" effect, make the person produces a natural kindness.With the new form, to improve the old process, in the traditional context, to modern people's life.





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