Nomination Award


Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 深圳市一般设计有限公司

BAO  包子







Knocked Down Design,Size Only1/15 Of Normal Wardrobe,Save Shipping Cost.Finland Pine Solid Wood Screw,No Paint,No Metal Parts,Eco-Friendly.Only 30Mins For 2 People To Finish Assembling,What An Interesting Wardrobe. Replaceable Waterproof Lycra Elastic Fabric Cover.Innovative “X” Shape 4 Zippers Group For Convenience.Outwardly Yielding But Inwardly Firm.Extremely Sexy. Minimalism Design,To Do Minimalism Master Lucio Fontana’S Honour.



平板包装,体积只是普通衣柜的1/15,节省运费,芬兰松螺纹榫,无油漆,无金属连接件,极致环保,双人30分钟徒手完成组装,好玩的衣柜。防水莱卡弹力布外套,可换装的衣柜。创新“X”四头拉链组,衣柜使用无死角。外柔内刚,极度性感,极少主义设计,向极少主义大师Lucio Fontana致敬。


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