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Youjia Smart home set

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 深圳市晟邦设计咨询有限公司

youjia Smart home set  优家智能家居套装






As the future trend of smart home, will inevitably be reflected in the family of products between the wisdom of things. Under the circumstance that the prior art can not be broken through, the existence of the intelligent home system in the U-Home system is a good solution to some unnecessary troubles and provides an alternative solution to the Internet of Things under the guidance of system thinking. Smart door sensor, through the linkage camera to inform parents that children have come home safely, intelligent socket control study lights, create a learning environment for children, timely communication, the results show that children easily learn. Gray tonality-based products, bright and matte combination of the distinction between the level of detail in the added metal and transparent as a decoration; plastic material with white matte, well integrated into the home environment; simple The product semantics combined with the circle reinforces the brand image.



智能家居作为未来的趋势,必然会体现在家庭各个产品间的智慧物联上。在现有技术无法突破的情况下,恋恋优家智能家居系统的存在很好的解决了一些不必要的麻烦,提供了一种系统思维指导下的物联网替代方案。 智能门磁,通过联动摄像头通知家长孩子已经安全到家,智能插座控制书房灯光,为孩子营造学习环境,及时沟通,成果展示,让孩子轻松学习。 灰白调性为主的产品,亮面与哑面的结合区分了层次,在细节上也添加了金属和透明件作为点缀;塑料材质加上白色哑面,能很好的融入家居环境;简约的方与圆相结合的产品语义强化了品牌形象。



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