Nomination Award

PC planting pot frame

Awards : Nomination Award  提名奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 深圳市华文工业设计有限公司

PC planting pot frame  PC盆栽架








The PC planting pot frame is the name of the original product development item. The current product is listed as Xiaoban. Xiaoban is an intelligent soilless cultivation device. It benefits from patented high-tech equipment and safe and healthy soilless cultivation technology. With the help of the concept and help of Internet + and sharing, The small residence can let people living in the city, on the roof, in the garden, in the balcony, they personally grow food, and they personally pick healthy dishes. Small and determined to let all people eat their own food! Not only do you hope you can reap the benefits of health, but you can also reap the benefits of revisiting and learning to grow vegetables with your family, and you can also reap the benefits of long-lost friendly neighborhood interactions. To stay is not only a product, a pleasure, but also a new healthy way of life in a new city.



PC盆栽架是最初产品立项名称,现产品上市取名为小茁,小茁是一套智能化的无土栽培设备,得益于专利性的高科技设备和安全健康的无土栽培技术,借助于互联网+和共享的理念和帮助, 小茁能让生活在城市里的人,在楼顶、在花园、在阳台,自己亲手种放心菜,自己亲手摘健康菜。 小茁立志,让所有人吃到自己种的放心菜!小茁不仅希望你能收获健康,更能收获和家人一起重温、学习种菜的美好时光,也能收获久违的友善的邻里互动关系。小茁,不仅是一种产品,一种乐趣,更是一种崭新的新城市健康生活方式。


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