Bronze Award


Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : Michael Young Studio



Michael Young Studio






Michael Young Studio is proud to present our collaboration with KEF – a world leader in audio hifi. The LSX packs all the specs of their high-end kit, into user-friendly wireless system. The design process took several years, and many experiments, to finally produce a compact design with huge sound. Using a fabric on the exterior, and combinations of various other hard surface finishes were carefully considered to create a youthful product leveraging all the knowledge of a heritage brand. The LSX is a compact two-speaker wireless music system with all the convenience and connectivity of the connected world. LSX is fully wireless, and features Apple AirPlay™ 2 technology enabling multi-room streaming from an your device. LSX shares much of the cutting-edge acoustic engineering that has made the LS50 product famous. It features KEF’s Uni-Q® driver array, a signature innovation that radically improves stereo imaging at a much wider listening area. The result is that while LSX is small enough to sit on shelves, desktops or flank a TV, it offers a massive and deep sound field which completely belies its size. Michael Young Studio aimed to create a masterpiece of understated elegance. LSX comes in a choice of five colours – Black, Blue, Maroon and Olive – which are clad in a luxury fabric by Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat – and a striking Gloss White.


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