Bronze Award

Unano Series

Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 涂健

Unano Series







Unano is a high-end fine pixel pitch LED unit that can be assembled to a giant LED display in a quite short time. And designed for non-fixed places rental application. The pixel pitch of Unano can be narrowed to 1.2mm, which is the minimum record in rental industry, enabling Unano to show more details in the same size compared with others. A kind of high-precise adjustable lock is adopted to make sure the perfect flatness in quick assembling; besides, with subsidiary color magnetic connector, Unano can make a curved fine screen. Being equipped with dual backup system of power and signal, Unano is perfect in dealing with all kinds of unexpected situations on the spot. With magnetic design, the module of Unano can be fast replaced with special maintenance tool. As well as unique COS(coating on surface)technology, the Unano has perfect performance in display contrast ratio and flatness; what is more, COS is also a protector for the LED lamp against water and physical damage. In terms of the panel design, a geometric beauty is formed with “X” as the main element, providing a more holistic and smooth visual experience when a number of panels are assembled together. In addition, UNANO was also recognized by the German Red Dot Award and won the Red Dot Supreme Award “Best of the Best” for the 2019 product category.




UNANO是一款高端租赁用小间距单元,可以在极短时间、快速拼装起来的超小间距LED大屏幕产品,适用于广电演艺、展示展览、临时活动等非固定场地的租赁场景。 由于租赁LED显示屏产品安装要求的特殊性,提高显示屏分辨率及其困难,UNANO最小可达间距P1.2mm突破了租赁行业内最小记录,相同面积内可显示更多细节。同时采用高精度的可调快速拆装锁具设计,能够保证在快速安装下保证屏幕的完美平整度。 箱体附带的彩色磁性连接片,UNANO能轻易拼接成小间距大型弧度显示屏。UNANO拥有电源信号双备份系统,极好保障现场的各种突发状况,且模组采用磁吸设计,一旦显示面不小心损坏,可由特制维护工具,快速替换损坏部件。 设计上UNANO采用“X”型设计元素贯穿整个单元,多个单元组合在一起时形成连续的几何形态,拥有更整体顺畅的视觉体验。同时符合人体工程学的宽大把手,带来了极佳的安装体验,大大提高了安装效率。 此外,UNANO也得到了德国红点奖的认可,荣获了2019年产品类的红点至尊奖。


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