Bronze Award

GUIWEI Cookware

Awards : Bronze Award  铜奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 北京点点互联科技有限公司

GUIWEI Cookware  归味铸铁锅






This work reflects the oriental understanding of arc from the aesthetic aspect and shows the worship of nature. Instead of sheer plane, it employs exquisitely designed arcs. Every subtle curvature change is designed to enhance the performance of the work in all aspects. Considering ergonomic factors, this series features thick and protruding handles, which brings a better and lighter feel of holding. Smooth profile with each part naturally and beautifully connected creates a welcoming and user-friendly wok. Inspired by the idea of “three arcs”, the series features three consecutive arcs at the bottom, the wall and the edge of a wok. Proper adjustment of the length and curvature of the arc can enhance the function of corresponding parts and even create woks for different purposes. All the GUIWEI series products are of curved bottom. Even frying pans are designed with slightly curved bottoms. This enables full use of oil even only a small amount is added. For ergonomic considerations, O1 series is designed with thick and protruding handles, which give you a better and lighter feel of holding.



这个作品体现了东方美学对于弧线的理解和自然的崇拜。没有纯粹的平面,取而代之的是精心设计的弧面。每个细微弧度的变化,都源于锅具的各方面性能的加强。整套产品融入人体工学设计理念,采用宽大、外凸的把手,不仅增强了手感,而且巧妙的减轻了“重”的感受。产品的整体轮廓柔和,各个部分衔接自然,给人以亲近、友好的感觉。 整套作品设计源自“三段弧”的设计灵感,即将锅体的截面由三段连续的弧线构成,每段弧线分别对应锅底,锅壁和口沿三个不同部分。通过调整弧线长度和曲率,可增强对应部分的功能,甚至制作不同用途的锅具。 整套产品全部采用弧面锅底设计,即便平底煎锅,也用曲率很小的弧面作为锅底。这样的好处是易于油脂的汇聚,即使放很少,也能充分利用。 出于人体工程学的考虑,O1系列产品采用宽大、向外凸的把手设计,有助于增强产品手感,减轻了“重”的真实感觉。


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