Silver Award

h G1 True Wireless Smart Bluetooth Earbud

Awards : Silver Award  银奖

Category : Industrial & Product  工业产品

Designer : 广州市云巢工业设计有限公司

h G1 True Wireless Smart Bluetooth Earbud  h G1 真无线智能蓝牙运动耳机





The G1 is a true wireless smart Bluetooth sports earbud designed for sports enthusiasts. The ergonomic design perfectly avoids the problem of headphones falling off during exercise. The functions of calling smart voice assistant, switching songs and answering calls can be realized by touch. The original design of the charging box with the upper and lower covers simultaneously charging makes the cavity space utilization up to 90%, compact and easy to carry. The magnetic box combination of the charging box makes it easy to open and close with one hand. The surface is made of TPU material for 2 times injection molding, IP67 dustproof and waterproof, and anti-drop, which can adapt to the needs of different sports scenes. The included Qi wireless charging dock makes it easy to charge anywhere, anytime. The G1 is organically combined with the charging indicator by the brand logo “h”, effectively achieving the brand communication effect.



h G1是一款专为运动爱好者设计的真无线智能蓝牙运动耳机。符合人体工学的设计能完美避免运动中耳机脱落的问题,通过触控即可实现调用智能语音助手、切换歌曲和接听电话等功能。独创的充电盒上下盖同时充电结构,令腔体空间利用率达90%,体积小巧且便于携带。充电盒磁吸式的结合方式可轻松实现单手开合取用。表面采用TPU材质2次注塑,IP67级防尘防水、防摔,可适应不同运动场景使用需求。配套的Qi无线充电底座,令其可随时随地轻松充电。G1 Pro通过品牌标识“h”与充电指示灯有机结合,有效实现了品牌传播效应。



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