Midea Guardian T4

Designer : Midea Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd. —— Xiao Tao (Shunde, China)



Guardian T4 is a high-end intelligent lock, which can be linked with smart home appliances and intelligent security devices. Air conditioning, lights, background music and TV etc. can be turned on automatically when the users open the door. When the users leave home, Guardian T4 can switch on the smart camera, infrared body detectors and other security equipment, so that the users can use the smart phone app to know whether the door is unlocked and whether the family members have got home. Different from the traditional turnand-open mode, Guardian T4 has an innovative push-and-open mode, which is more in line with the users’ habit.




Midea Smart Home Technology Co., Ltd., formerly Midea Smart Home Institute, was established in 2014. As a first-level division of Midea Group, it shoulders the mission of fully integrating Midea’s scientific and technological achievements in smart life. The company will rely on Midea’s advantage of multi-category products to build a systematic service capability, striving to become a technology-based company that provides overall solutions for smart homes. Internally, it provides connection for intelligent products and bottom-level technical support, building the hardware-to-end support capability of a service platform. Externally, it is responsible for the construction of the M-Smart ecosystem, and, as a window for Midea Group’s intelligent construction, provides B2B and B2C services with integration solutions for products of smart home appliances and smart homes.



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