JMGO P2 Smart Portable Theater

Designer : JMGO Laser TV of Shenzhen Holatek Co., Ltd. / JMGO Creative Design Center (Shenzhen, China)



JMGO P2 is a smart projector with ultimate simplicity and portability. With built-in large battery capacity, it breaks the limitation of wired power connection indoors, and makes outdoor movie-viewing experience possible.

Integrating  oriental aesthetic elements, JMGO P2 has the form of an ancient scroll of calligraphy and painting. A scroll carries text and drawings, while the JMGO P2 presents rich images and sounds for people. It breaks the stereotype of a “projector” and redefines the industry with the subversive cylindrical design and the ultimately simple body without a screw.

By combining the idea of ultimate simplicity and technology of a smart projector, JMGO P2 perfectly explains our product concept that “where there is JMGO, there is a cinema”. It creates a more convenient experience of big screens for all users and promotes a new lifestyle of entertainment.




HOLATEK is a design-oriented company, and the JCC (JMGO Creative Center) is an experienced and powerful ID design team of HOLATEK. Through the guidance of design thinking, the JCC team redefines the projection products through destructive innovation and influences the pattern of the audio and video market. The JCC’s work promotes technological innovation and the establishment of the JMGO brand.


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