Poputar P1 Smart Guitar

Designer : PopuMusic Inc. (Shenzhen, China)



Poputar P1 is a kind of smart guitar which is specially designed for beginners of guitar. Breaking through the traditional music teaching mode over the past 30 years (choosing a quality shop + expensive training fee + short learning time on weekends + a guitar of more than 1,000 yuan), it greatly reduces the threshold for beginners, and helps them learn the basic skills of paying the guitar through a special gamification teaching method. With 120 LEDs built inside the guitar neck, users will be able to visually locate the chord position and never worry about forgetting where to put their fingers. In addition, the Poputar smart guitar provides a dedicated app music learning system featuring gamification learning, just like the Rhythm Master game, to visualize music learning.

Before the appearance of Poputar, music theory and notes were invisible and could not be quantified by viewing and playing. Poputar breaks through the border between games and music, visualizes the playing and rhyme, integrates the notes played into music, and creates a new music self-study system named “MUSIC OS”.

Poputar has a voice recognition chip, calculates delay compensation through the correlation algorithm, eliminates the effect of accompaniment through spectral subtraction, carries out pure tone recognition, and realizes the experience of instant recognition while playing, letting the phone judge in real time and tell beginners whether their play is correct. The Poputar smart guitar uses the excellent making process, among which more than 10 new production processes are used, to achieve a "three-layer" shape. The full black, nonporous and environmentally friendly and non-toxic spray process, the original hollow guitar head and the shape with a missing corner meet the style of smart and fashionable products adored by young people nowadays. In terms of product ergonomics, the thickness of Poputar’s sounding area is reduced to two-thirds of that of traditional instruments, letting beginners clearly see the lighting position within a viewing range of nine degrees to 13 degrees. The box uses a unique 3D back arc design to make the reflection of the box’s resonance more concentrated, solves the lack of concentrated sound reflection caused by flat reflection, and results in richer levels of sound.

Poputar’s charging method uses a brand new and original instrument holder design. When the player finishes his learning, he can place the guitar on the holder for charging. At the same time, when using the mobile app for learning, he can place the phone on the supporter of the guitar to enjoy the pleasure of playing anytime and anywhere.



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