ORVIBO Smart Socket S31

Designer : Shenzhen ORVIBO Technology Co., Ltd. —— Zeng Guoshun, Wu Shaobin (Shenzhen, China)



Instantly convert any plug into a connected and intelligent outlet. The fastest and most affordable way to transform your home to a smart home. Control devices from anywhere. Monitor power consumption. Maximize efficiency.

We are dedicated to create beautiful and smart products, with the goal of designing an artwork and the philosophy of “sufficient design and natural intelligence”. The simple and restrained design follows the function. From the appearance to the function, the product works both inside and outside. With ORVIBO Smart Socket S31, you can simply use the app on your smartphone to turn on and turn off all your control devices and monitor their power consumption. You can set schedules to them and even set scenes to turn on a group of home appliances, running up to 50 scheduled tasks.

In term of safety, ORVIBO Smart Socket S31 has overload protection and electric-shock safeguard design, ensuring safe electricity usage. ORVIBO Smart Socket S31 has made profound improvements on appearance, function and user experience.




Shenzhen ORVIBO Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company specializing in smart home products and services. Committed to creating a home product experience that combines design and technology, the company pursues a high-quality home lifestyle that combines technology and humanity. It uses high-tech such as Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and cloud computing to connect basic electrical appliances, realizes the interconnection of devices, and makes basic electrical appliances intelligent.



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